Sequoia LISST-ABS X2 Integration Guide

The Sequoia LISST-ABS Acoustic Sediment Sensor is designed specifically for measuring suspended sediment concentrations at a single point. The LISST-ABS is compatible with NexSens X-Series data loggers using the SDI-12 communication protocol and sensor interface. A pre-defined script on X-Series data loggers is able to detect, log, and transmit all parameters from the sensor. Parameter […]

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turbidity buoy at dredge sites

Using a Turbidity Buoy at Dredge Sites

Dredging done correctly doesn’t hurt water quality, and can yield positive environmental results. However, ensuring these good results demands monitoring for contaminant release, sediment resuspension, and other water quality issues.

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how to measure turbidity

How to Measure Turbidity

Planning/choosing the right instruments and processes for turbidity measurement can be a challenge. NexSens explores some of the best choices available in the context of experience and highlights the basic requirements for a successful system.

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turbidity monitoring at dredge sites

Turbidity Monitoring at Dredge Sites

For regulatory or other needs, turbidity monitoring is and important aspect of any dredging project. Dredging affects water clarity and quality and should be monitored in real time to aid with remediation efforts associated with elevated turbidty.

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New Bedford Harbor Superfund Site Dredging


New Bedford Harbor is fed by the Acushnet River from the north and drains into the Atlantic Ocean to the south. Its steady flow is one of the reasons so many industrial plants set up shop along the harbor in the early 1900s.

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