X2 Environmental Data Logger Overview

The X2 is an all-in-one environmental data logger that can be controlled from any internet browser using a smartphone, tablet, or PC. It automatically recognizes sensors and sends data to the WQData LIVE web data center via Wi-Fi, cellular, radio, or satellite telemetry. There, data is presented on a fully-featured and easy-to-use dashboard where remote, […]

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UW-6 Universal Pinout

The schematics and table below detail the 6-pin plug and receptacle (UW-6) universal pinout for all 6-pin NexSens cables excluding the 6-pin AC adapter.           Universal Pinout Note: For instruments shown below, all signals in the table refer to their 6-pin receptacle port. Plug Pin Receptacle Pin Wire Color G2-Series Signal […]

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Identify X2 via Body Tag

Each X2 data logger has a body tag number etched into the side of the bottom bulkhead. It is located on the lower backside of the logger in between the two RF ports or plugs.     The body tag number is incorporated into the default name of the device on WQData LIVE and will […]

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Apply Power to the X2

The X2 offers several power input options for flexibility in system design and redundancy in critical monitoring applications. Available options include solar-charged power pack, battery-only and AC power.   Basic Requirements Supply Voltage: 5-24VDC [+/-15%] (Reverse polarity protected) Current Draw (Typical @ 12VDC): Low power sleep: 350uA; Logger Active: 35mA; Wi-Fi Transmitting: 43mA; Cellular Transmitting: […]

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X2 LED Indicator Lights

The X2 contains two sets of (4) LEDs visible through the lid of the enclosure. These X2 LED indicator lights give insight into the operation of the data logger and Wi-Fi module, respectively. Two additional green LEDs beneath each magnet port give feedback when the magnet input is triggered. Note that all LED operation is […]

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Emerald Isle ferry data

Emerald Isle Ferry Data

Central Michigan University

Aboard the Emerald Isle ferry, a YSI EXO2 and NexSens Technology data logger track Lake Michigan’s water quality from Charlevoix, Michigan to Beaver Island.

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