UW-6 Universal Pinout

The schematics and table below detail the 6-pin plug and receptacle (UW-6) universal pinout for all 6-pin NexSens cables excluding the 6-pin AC adapter.


UW-6 universal pinout - receptacle

Figure 1: NexSens UW-6 receptacle pinout



UW-6 universal pinout - plug

Figure 2: NexSens UW-6 plug pinout


Figure 3: X2-CBMC/SDLMC MCIL-6-FS 6-pin power port

Figure 4: NexSens MCIL-6 plug pinout


Universal Pinout

Note: For instruments shown below, all signals in the table refer to their 6-pin receptacle port.

Plug Pin Receptacle Pin Wire Color G2-Series Signal X2 Signal X2-CB Buoy Solar Signal**
1 6 Red Ext. Power Input Main Power Input X2 PCB Power In
2 5 Yellow Secondary Pwr Input* Unregulated Solar In
3 4 Black Ground Ground Ground
4 3 White Backup Power Input Internal Buoy Bat.
5 2 Blue RS-485 B RS-485 B RS-485 B
6 1 Green RS-485 A RS-485 A RS-485 A
























*X2-SDL’s purchased after August 2021 do not include secondary power.

**Wire colors for the X2-CB/X2-CBMC follow the UW-6 Bulk Pinout