Apply Power to the X2

The X2 offers several power input options for flexibility in system design and redundancy in critical monitoring applications. Available options include solar-charged power pack, battery-only and AC power.


Basic Requirements

  • Supply Voltage: 5-24VDC [+/-15%] (Reverse polarity protected)
  • Current Draw (Typical @ 12VDC): Low power sleep: 350uA; Logger Active: 35mA; Wi-Fi Transmitting: 43mA; Cellular Transmitting: 300mA
  • Peak Current: 500mA @ 12V for 1 second


Input Channels

The X2 is equipped with three separate power input channels. Power is supplied to the X2 via the UW-6 receptacle port on the bottom of the logger, where there is a separate pin for each of the three input channels (see Connector Wiring or the UW-6 Universal Pinout).

The X2 pulls power from the highest priority channel that has a voltage within the specified range. If one of the sources falls outside the range, the next highest priority channel will automatically take over without an interruption in supply.

From highest to lowest priority, the channel order is as follows:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Backup

This multi-input design allows users the option to connect redundant power sources in order to mitigate the likelihood of system power loss.


Connector Wiring

The below table and diagram show the proper connections for the X2 UW6 power port.

Pin NumberX2 Wire Color*Signal
1GreenHost RS-485A
2BlueHost RS-485B
3WhiteBackup Power Input
5YellowSecondary Power Input
6RedPrimary Power Input

*Wire colors refer to the leads of standard NexSens UW-6 Plug to Flying Lead Cables which can be used to connect the X2 to user-supplied power sources.


UW-6 power input receptacle pinout

Figure 1: NexSens UW-6 receptacle port pin numbering.


Power Accessories

Available power accessories are listed on the X2 product page and include:


Typical Applications

X2 systems are commonly operated using a solar charged battery (SP-Series solar power pack). This setup is ideal for long-term, unattended monitoring applications as it provides a constantly recharged battery source. However, solar systems are more susceptible to damage and failure than a simple battery. The X2 provides the benefits of a solar-charged system while simultaneously allowing for a backup reserve battery to be connected. The reserve battery can provide power to the system if the solar panel stops charging the main battery without an interruption in data collection.

Some other applications may call for an AC adapter to connect to a mains power supply. In such cases, a backup battery can ensure the system remains online in the event of a power failure.

Contact a NexSens applications engineer for assistance with designing a power system tailored to a specific application and selection of system components.