Installing User-Supplied Electronics in CB-Series Data Buoys

NexSens CB-Series data buoys are flexible platforms that allow for use with both NexSens and user-supplied electronics. For user-supplied electronics, several accessories are available to facilitate installation inside the watertight data well. Common Accessories Battery mountsĀ – While user-supplied electronics on CB-Series data buoys may receive power from NexSens-issued CB-A01-2 and CB-A05-x battery harnesses, users may […]

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sentinel lake superior

A New Kind of Sentinel on Lake Superior

Superior Watershed Partnership, Lentic Environmental Services and UC-Boulder

Scientists deployed the buoy on the lake in 2017. Since then, it has provided continuous data on water quality from one mile north of the lighthouse.

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data buoys for short deployments

Data Buoys for Short Deployments

Water quality monitoring that requires immediate action or a projects with short time periods can make use of easy-to-deploy data buoys that capture data in real time for the duration of your project.

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