Managing Quick Alert Notifications

The dashboard graph displays contain icons in the lower left that represent the Quick Alert and Quick Note features. Expand the menu options by clicking the circular Quick Action icon at the lower left of each graphical display.

Accessing Quick Alert and Quick Note features


Configure Quick Alert 

The Quick Alert feature offers a quick method of configuring email/*text message notifications to send when an individual parameter crosses a basic threshold set by the user. While an alert is active, emails will be sent repeatedly for each uploaded reading that exceeds the parameter threshold.

This feature is useful when using the more advanced Alarm Interface is not desired or for configuring Last Contact logger transmission alerts which are not presently covered in the standard Alarm Interface.

    1. Click on the Quick Alert icon labelled above.
    2. Enter the type of threshold necessary (above or below).
    3. Enter the value associated with the threshold.
    4. Provide an email in the space provided to receive the Quick Alerts.

Quick alert interface


  • Click the confirmation link in the automated email to register the alert.

Click the confirmation link on the automated WQData LIVE message to complete Quick Alert registration.


Text message alerts require the user to enter the phone number followed by the proper service provider extension into the Quick Alert email field. Common providers are listed below:

  • AT&T –
  • Verizon –
  • T-Mobile –
  • Sprint PCS –
  • Virgin Mobile –
  • US Cellular –
  • Nextel –
  • Boost –
  • Alltel –

 *Note that these text alerts do not use a true SMS service. As a result, depending on the ISP and location, alert message delivery may be delayed.*


Review Quick Alerts

All registered Quick Alerts for a project are listed under the Admin|Alarms section of the WQData LIVE project page.

Active Quick Alerts displayed under the Admin|Alarms section of WQData LIVE.


Remove Quick Alerts

Established Quick Alerts can be removed in one of two ways:

  1. By selecting the trash can icon below the Action header of the Admin|Alarm Quick Alert list.

Remove Quick Alert.


  1. By clicking the unsubscription link posted in the bottom of any Quick Alert notification email.

Select the unsubscribe link in any Quick Alert email.