Adjust Parameter Display Settings

Depending on the user’s customization of a project, a graphic (or tabular) data record of one or multiple enabled parameters can be displayed on the project dashboard. Through the Parameter Settings menu, the display unit and precision of each parameter can be set as desired. Additionally, parameters that are useful to transmit but not important to view regularly can be disabled.

To adjust the parameter display settings:

  1. Click on the ADMIN tab and then Settings located at the top of the project dashboard.

ADMIN | Settings menu on the project dashboard.


  1. Select the Parameters Settings tab. A drop-down menu will appear with each site name. Choose the site and data logger that contains the desired parameter.

Click Parameters Settings.


  1. Once the site has been chosen, pick the data logger that has the associated parameter. Choosing a data logger will open the Parameter Settings for that logger.


Parameter Settings Options

  1. The Data Range option allows the user to customize the time span for which data is displayed in the graphs at the bottom of the dashboard page. The available options allow for viewing all of the data points from the current day or previous 24 hours.
  2. The Sensor and Parameter setting gives the user several options such as:
    1. Show/Hide: Allows the user to show or hide individual parameters.
      • Hiding a parameter will remove the data display from the default site dashboard.
    2. Parameter Names: Users can change parameter names to easily differentiate between similar parameters on multiple sensors.
      • Parameter names are automatically uploaded during the WQData LIVE setup next to the “Show/Hide” option..
    3. Conversion Factors: Converting measurements to different units.
      • WQData LIVE contains multiple conversion factors for units output commonly by environmental sensors.
      • Note: The alerts or alarms will be based off of the original unit uploaded to WQData LIVE. Thus, for any unit converted on WQData LIVE, a manual conversion back to the original unit is necessary to enter an accurate threshold in the alarm settings.
    4. Precision: Changing the displayed precision of each data point.
      • Precision will vary based on the sensor; however, WQData LIVE allows up to 6 values after the decimal point.
    5. Filter: Users can set minimum and maximum values for the parameter graphs and choose the filter option. This will completely remove the outliers from the parameter graphs.
    6. Map: Enabling parameters to be shown visually on the project and site maps.

Sensor and Parameter tab in the dashboard settings.


  1. Once the desired adjustments are configured, click SAVE at the bottom of the screen to apply any changes.