What do the LEDs on an RV50 Cell Modem Indicate?

RV50 cell modem.


PowerOffInsufficient power input (requires 7-36VDC)
Solid GreenSufficient power present
Green w/Amber FlashSufficient power present and modem has a GPS fix
Solid Red*Standby mode
Flashing GreenWhen the reset button is held, indicates when to release the reset button for a soft reset
Flashing RedWhen the reset button is held, indicates when to release the reset button for a full factory settings reset
Flashing AmberWhen the reset button is held for 20+ seconds, indicates when to release the reset button to enter Recovery mode
SignalSolid GreenStrong signal (equivalent to 4-5 bars)
Solid AmberFair signal (equivalent to 2-3 bars)
Flashing AmberPoor signal (equivalent to 1 bar)
Flashing RedInadequate signal
NetworkSolid GreenConnected to 4G LTE network
Solid AmberConnected to 2G or 3G network
Flashing GreenIn the process of connecting to a network
Flashing RedNo network available, attempting to retry connection
Flashing Red/AmberNetwork Operator Switching is enabled, but modem cannot locate the required operator firmware
ActivityFlashing GreenActive data Rx/Tx in progress over WAN (or serial port for default settings)
Flashing RedActive data Rx/Tx in progress over serial port (not default setting)
Flashing AmberActive data Rx/Tx in progress over both WAN and serial port (not default setting)
All LEDsCycling GreenFirmware update or network operator switching in progress
Cycling AmberALEOS software update in progress
Solid AmberALEOS software update complete (power LED not Amber)
Cycling RedModem is in Recovery mode


*If this is observed in any legacy NexSens 3100-iSIC or SDL500C system it is recommended that the Low Voltage Standby Mode in the Services|Power Management section of ACEmanager be disabled to prevent communication interruption.

Disable Low Voltage Standby in AceManager.