Update iChart

  1. Navigate to Help | Check for Updates within iChart.

    Help|Check for Updates.


    1. If an update is available – a confirmation prompt will appear requesting permission to proceed.

      iChart Update confirmation prompt.


    2. Click Yes to begin downloading the update.

      Update download in progress.


  1. When the upgrade is finished downloading, click OK and restart iChart as requested.

    Update download completion prompt. Close and re-open iChart as requested.


  2. The installation process will begin when iChart restarts.
    1. If the installation process does not occur on restart, close iChart, navigate to the iChart6 folder on the PC and manually launch the _ichart.exe application file.

      Manually open this file from the iChart installation directory on the PC if the update does not occur when iChart is restarted.


  3. Click Yes to apply the update.

    Apply the downloaded update.


  4. Accept the EULA and click Next.

    Accept the License Agreement.


  5. Click Next until you reach the final installation menu and select Install.



    Update in progress.


    Click Finish.


  6. Navigate to Help|Check for Updates to confirm that iChart is now running the latest version.

    Verify active version.


    Current version. Click anywhere on the picture to close it.