X2-SDL Submersible Data Logger Installation

The CB-50 data buoy is designed to securely hold the X2-SDL submersible data logger in the center hole of the buoy. Reference the X2-SDL user guide for logger operation instructions.

IMPORTANT – BEFORE FIELD DEPLOYMENT: Completely configure and test the internal logging and telemetry of sensors and data logger. Confirm that the batteries will provide adequate power for the duration of the deployment. Ensure that all external sensor ports and battery compartments have a watertight seal.

  1. Loosen and remove the three top-facing eye nuts and threaded rod assemblies.
    1. Remove the top white plate.

Remove the top white plate.


  1. Lift the top foam tower off of the buoy base.

Remove the top foam tower.


  1. Remove the orange exterior O-ring from the bottom of the X2-SDL.
    1. Insert the X2-SDL into the buoy hull.
    2. Push down until the top exterior orange O-ring rests against the steel plate.

Insert the X2-SDL.


  1. Re-install the foam top and white plate.
    1. Secure them in place by inserting and tightening the three top-facing threaded rod assemblies.