Data Export: GLOS API

Using the GLOS API option in the Data Export tool, users can share their project data directly with the Great Lakes Observing System (GLOS) in the format recognized by GLOS. Saving/memorizing a template allows WQData to send data automatically at a specified interval.   General To create a Data Export with the GLOS API: Navigate […]

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Data Export: GLOSXML Format

The GLOSXML format is one of four options within the Data Export tool. This option follows the standard data format recognized by the Great Lakes Observing System.   To create a Data Export with GLOSXML format: Navigate to the Data Export Tool and then choose the GLOSXML format. The GLOSXML format must include a station […]

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sentinel lake superior

A New Kind of Sentinel on Lake Superior

Superior Watershed Partnership, Lentic Environmental Services and UC-Boulder

Scientists deployed the buoy on the lake in 2017. Since then, it has provided continuous data on water quality from one mile north of the lighthouse.

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Great lakes buoy networks

Great Lakes Buoy Networks

University of Wisconsin

There are many different networks out there, which are largely supported by government agencies and universities. Maintaining these networks, including servicing old buoys or launching new ones, is a big and important job.

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