Water Current Monitoring with an ADCP

The NexSens team will assist in water current monitoring by suggesting instruments based on the acoustic doppler principle, or Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs), which are most commonly deployed to measure current.

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Lake Nipissing Algae Events

Nipissing University

U. of Saskatchewan and Nipissing University scientists study mixing’s role in Lake Nipissing algae events using NexSens data buoys and temperature strings.

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Eastern Lake Erie Dynamics

Buffalo State University

Researchers at Buffalo State University are studying water and weather at the deeper and less algae-prone eastern basin of Lake Erie near Dunkirk, New York.

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Expanding algal bloom monitoring network

Expanding Algal Bloom Monitoring Network

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Scientists have added four new platforms to the network of monitoring buoys that has taken shape since the Toledo crisis. Three of these were launched in the summer of 2015 near Maumee Bay and at other points off the shore of Michigan.

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