Meet the Distributor – OceanNet S.L.

February 9th, 2022

Territory: Spain, Portugal
Home office: Teulada, Spain
Year founded: 2004

Operating from its headquarters overlooking the famed Costa Blanca in the Alicante region of southeast Spain, OceanNet S.L. serves as the NexSens value-added distributor for Spain and Portugal. The close proximity to the Mediterranean is no coincidence. Indeed, the sea is at the heart of OceanNet’s identity, and the majority of its work is conducted along the Iberian peninsula’s lengthy coastline.

OceanNet’s value proposition is summed up in its motto: Deep knowledge. Quality instruments. With over 30 years of combined experience in the industry, OceanNet S.L. is well-versed in oceanography from both a scientific and instrumentation standpoint. The staff includes specialists with backgrounds in diverse sciences, technologies and environmental services. They combine this experience with a robust catalog of instruments from NexSens and other quality manufacturers to deliver comprehensive monitoring systems.

Founder Fernando López Melián exemplifies this competency. In his home country of Argentina, he completed degrees in marine biology and oceanology. Later, López relocated to Spain and added a bachelor of biological sciences degree.

He has extensive experience in physical oceanography, having participated in more than 140 oceanographic campaigns throughout his career. After completing his studies and participating in governmental work on oversight of ports and harbors, he started OceanNet S.L. in 2004, pointing out that it was a combination of his background and interests that inspired him.

“I’ve always been interested in electronics, and I studied physical oceanography, as well as biology. So working in this field was a natural fit that allowed me to combine all three.”

In addition to the technical background and focus on instrumentation, OceanNet S.L. offers environmental consulting and other services, such as diving, in many of their projects. “I myself am a diver, as well as most others on our staff. We can use this to perform underwater investigations and other work below the surface,” López added.

While such services are offered as needed, the provision of high-quality scientific equipment remains the central focus. The company maintains close relationships with several regional and national universities, as well as port authorities, environmental consulting firms, government agencies and other public administrators throughout the peninsula. López feels that including NexSens systems has aided in expanding their reach.

“It’s a solid product line and comprehensive system that is flexible and easy to operate,” said López. “It has allowed us to pursue an even wider range of projects requiring reliable, real-time monitoring systems.”

For inquiries in Spain/Portugal, OceanNet S.L. can be reached at the following:

Phone: +34 654 375 065