From time to time, NexSens will release new versions of iChart software. These also include firmware updates for NexSens iSIC and SDL500 data loggers. Updates add new features, expand on old ones or add more reliability to the system. For all updates, download speeds depend on user network and computer conditions outside of NexSens’ control.

To obtain the latest versions of software and firmware, go to Help | Check for Updates. iChart will check the NexSens website for more up-to-date versions. If the latest version is installed, iChart will provide a notification indicating it is up to date.




If a software upgrade is available – meaning the update is a large one – a dialog box will appear prompting the user’s approval before proceeding.

Click Yes to begin downloading the upgrade. When the upgrade is finished downloading, click OK and restart iChart. The installation process will begin when iChart restarts. Click Next to install iChart. Follow the installation windows to complete the update.




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