Sensor(s) Not Found During X2 Auto-Detection

If a connected sensor is not identified by the X2 following the completion of the auto-detection process, verify the following:

  1. Check that the sensor signals are wired properly and that all cable connections are fully seated.
  2. Verify that the detection script for the sensor has been developed, is loaded onto the X2, and is enabled to run.
  3. Confirm that all required configuration settings for the sensor have been applied.
    1. Each connected SDI-12 or Modbus sensor must have unique addresses to avoid conflicting with one another.
    2. Each RS-232 sensor must be connected to a unique port to avoid conflicting with another (1 sensor to P0, 1 sensor to P1, 1 sensor to P2).
    3. Many multi-parameter sensors have a software setting to specify which parameters are output, or in what format the data is supplied.
    4. Many highly customizable sensors, such as a current profiler or wave sensor, require setting the instrument into a ‘deployment mode’ before external communications will work.
  4. Verify that sufficient 12VDC power is being supplied to the X2.
    1. The X2 Diagnostic (USB 5V) cable power, for example, may not provide enough current to properly power up certain sensors causing them to not respond during the detection process.
    2. Old SLA-type batteries, or those that have fallen to a voltage that is too low, may be unable to output the system current required for detection.

Once all of the above have been verified, re-run sensor detection. Contact NexSens Technology for further assistance if the sensor still is not identified.