M650 Beacon for CB-Series Data Buoys

The NexSens M650 Solar Marine Light is a common accessory added to NexSens CB-650, CB-950 and CB-1250 data buoys. It has a 4 nautical mile range and is normally delivered with flange mount hardware, yellow color and default 15 flash/minute pattern (Model M650H-Y).

M650 Solar Marine Light.



Note: Install the M650 beacon and other top-side mounts before installing the solar tower on the buoy.

  1. Follow the included M650 illustration guide to install the bird spike kit.
  2. Locate the (3) threaded inserts on top of the CB-Series solar tower outlined by the red squares in the schematic below.

M650 mounting points on the CB-Series solar tower.


  1. Align the (3) holes at the base of the marine light with the mounting points.

M650 mounting alignment.


  1. Place a bolt with a lock washer and flat washer into each mounting point. Tighten down with a 7/16” socket wrench.

Securing the M650 solar marine light.




The M650 is controlled using an IR programmer that is normally provided with the beacon. It also has an on-board manual user interface on the bottom that can be used to change settings.

IR programmer.

On-board user interface.


The IR programmer and user interface can be used to perform the following functions:

The M650 battery can also be user-replaced: