Manually Change Flash Code

The M650 beacon will only allow flash codes to be enabled that are supported by its current intensity (brightness) setting.

  • If the beacon’s current intensity setting is compatible with a given flash code, this can be changed using the IR remote.
  • If the intensity setting is not compatible, the IR remote command will be rejected and the flash code must be changed by accessing the beacon display directly.

Remove the beacon battery cover

  1. Remove the beacon from the top of the buoy solar tower by removing the three top-facing bolts using a 7/16″ socket wrench.

Figure 1: Remove the beacon from the buoy solar tower if it is already mounted.


  1. Invert the beacon.

Figure 2: Set the beacon on its top.


  1. Remove the small Phillips screw holding the cover in place and turn it counterclockwise.

Figure 3: Beacon display cover with screw removed.


  1. Lift up on the cover to remove it.

Figure 4: Beacon lid removed.


Manually Set the Flash Code

  1. Press the Set button to activate the display.
  2. Hold the Set button until the display flashes. Enter the beacon passcode number and hold Set to access the settings menu.

Figure 5: Default passcode 753 entered.


  1. Press the Up/Down arrows to navigate through the menu options. Hold Set once the Flash setting is in view.
  2. Enter the desired flash code and hold Set once finished to apply the change.

Figure 6: New flash code entered.


  1. At this time the beacon will automatically adjust to an intensity setting allowed by the given flash code. The newly set intensity will be displayed for reference.

Figure 7: New intensity setting automatically applied by the flash code change.


  1. Re-install the beacon cover once the desired changes are made and mount the beacon back onto the buoy solar tower.