M550/M650 Solar Marine Light Remote Programming

NexSens M550 and M650 Solar Marine Lights purchased with CB-Series data buoys will most often arrive pre-programmed for use. However, the IR remote may be used to change configuration settings using the codes provided in the table below. Note that activation commands need to be sent with the remote facing the side of the beacon. If no response to the below commands is elicited, try changing the angle of the remote with respect to the beacon.


Command TypeRemote Input
(M550 Beacon)
Remote Input
(M650 Beacon)
Activate RemoteHold PWR button for 2 secondsHold PWR button for 2 seconds
Unlock CodeN/APWR 753 √ (must be sent before the first command)
Power OnHold PWR button for 4 seconds*Set desired flash code
Power OffHold PWR button for 6 secondsPWR 000 √
Check Battery Status PWR 810 √  or  iPWR 810 √
Check Battery Response3 flashes – Good (>70%)
2 flashes – Charge (14-70%)
1 flash – Low (<14%)
10 flashes – Good (>4.2V)
7 flashes – Charge (3.9-4.2V)
5 flashes – Low (<3.9V)
4 flashes – Bad (Replace)
Flash Code
(default 1 blink every 4 sec)**
PWR 066 √PWR 066 √

*For the M650 beacon, the effective intensity setting  determines which flash codes will be sustainable given the solar recharge capability. For example the 066 Flash Code will not be accepted with the default 25cd intensity setting and must be reduced to at least 15cd for it to be applied. Once the intensity is reduced via the display interface at the base of the beacon it will be possible to then set the code.

**Different flash codes may be programmed if desired. Reference the manuals below for a complete list.

M550 Manual

M650 Manual