Replace Battery

  1. Remove the beacon from the top of the buoy solar tower by removing the three top-facing bolts using a 7/16″ socket wrench.

Figure 1: Remove the beacon from the buoy solar tower if it is already mounted.


  1. Invert the beacon.

Figure 2: Set the beacon on its top.


  1. Remove the small Phillips screw holding the cover in place and turn it counterclockwise.

Figure 3: Beacon display cover with screw removed.


  1. Lift up on the cover to remove it.

Figure 4: Beacon lid removed.


  1. Press down on the battery connector tab and gently pull to remove it.

Figure 5: Take care not to tension the battery cable leads when removing connector.


  1. Unhook the battery pack support strap.

Figure 6: Lift up the battery pack support strap.


  1. Lift the old battery out of the beacon by pulling up on the red strap.

Figure 7: Remove old battery.


Figure 8: Battery removed.


  1. Insert the new battery into the beacon, lifting the rubber support strap out of the way to accommodate it.

Figure 9: Insert replacement battery.


  1. Hook the support strap back around the plastic tab.

Figure 10: New battery with support strap secured.


  1. Press and hold the Set button on the display.

Figure 11: Press and hold the set button on the display.


  1. Plug in the battery connector while continuing to hold the Set button. Wait to release the Set button until the message Zero appears on the display. This resets the battery pack health indicator status within the beacon.

Figure 12: Battery pack indicator status successfully reset.


  1. Re-install the beacon cover.