The Olentangy River Wetland Research Park at Ohio State University is one of the nation’s leading wetland research and education facilities.

The OSU wetland facility features two 2.5-acre marshes with a river water delivery system. Thousands of feet of boardwalk offer students and researchers access without disruption to the marsh. A deep-water billabong marsh and a bottomland forest also border the Olentangy River. Recently, a research building was completed to provide office and lab space for wetlands researchers. The facility is managed and operated by wetland scientist Dr. William Mitsch. NexSens Technology worked closely with Dr. Mitsch and his staff to design and install a wetland monitoring system that utilizes multiple instruments from numerous vendors.

The requirements included: water level, quality, and flow monitoring at strategic locations throughout the wetland research park; a real-time connection to the monitoring devices; and software to manage the data.

Monitoring a research park 

YSI multi-parameter sondes with temperature, conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity were selected for water quality monitoring. These sondes can be deployed for weeks without recalibration.

NexSens AccuStage sensors were selected for water level monitoring. The AccuStage is a self-contained pressure transducer that provides high performance and accuracy over a wide range of operating conditions.

NexSens data loggers with real-time spread-spectrum radio telemetry transmit data from the environmental sensors to a PC in the research building. In the research building, a PC running iChart software saves the data and displays current conditions from around the wetlands on large HDTV displays. Additionally, iChart automatically produces reports and posts them to a page on OSU’s website. The webpage gives researchers around the world access to recent readings from sensors in the experimental wetlands.


Customer Testimonial

“We find the real-time retrieval of data set up by NexSens Technology for our experimental wetlands to help us in two ways. First we know immediately if there are interesting hydrologic, chemical, or biological events such as floods, clogged outflows or pollution. Then we can alert our research or management team to take adaptive action.

Second, the display of real-time data in our new campus wetland research building will be viewed by thousands of visitors annually at The Olentangy River Wetland Research Park. It is the ecological analogy of seeing the score of a game as it is happening as opposed to reading about it the next day.”

-Dr. William Mitsch, Wetlands Scientist


X2 Environmental Data Logger

The NexSens X2 Environmental Data Logger offers the latest in real-time monitoring technology with wireless communication, large plug-and-play sensor library, and ultra-low power consumption.

Seametrics PT12 Submersible Pressure Sensors

Designed to resist the elements, the Seametrics PT12 delivers accurate pressure and temperature readings in rugged environments.

YSI EXO2 Multi-Parameter Water Quality Sonde

The YSI EXO represents the next generation of water quality instruments from YSI. The EXO2 sonde includes six sensor ports and a central anti-fouling wiper option.

NexSens WQData LIVE Web Datacenter

WQData LIVE is a web-based project management service that allows users 24/7 instant access to data collected from remote telemetry systems.