No Rain Response

If a deployed G2-Rain does not appear to be registering any precipitation during an event, check the following: Verify that the siphoning bucket is clean. Leaf-matter, spider nests, and other debris can obstruct water flow and prevent it from reaching the tipping arm.   Remove the bucket and verify that the rubber band affixed to […]

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weather stations hydromet stations

Weather Stations: Hydromet Systems

Hydrologic and meteorologic parameters are monitored using a hydromet system. NexSens Technology Inc., integrates weather sensors, data loggers and telemetry options to provide real-time monitoring capabilities.

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flood warning real-time notification

Flood Warning – Real-time Notification

Although flooding is more likely in some regions than in others, it’s possible almost anywhere. As weather patterns change and become more unpredictable and more extreme weather events occur, flooding will become more common. And while it may seem intuitive that bad weather might cause flooding, general information isn’t enough to save lives and protect […]

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