No Rain Response

If a deployed G2-Rain does not appear to be registering any precipitation during an event, check the following:

  1. Verify that the siphoning bucket is clean. Leaf-matter, spider nests, and other debris can obstruct water flow and prevent it from reaching the tipping arm.

Figure 1: Verify siphoning bucket is clean.


  1. Remove the bucket and verify that the rubber band affixed to the tipping arm to stabilize it during shipment has been removed.

Figure 2: Remove shipping band from tipping arm if present.


  1. Verify that the two fork terminal leads are securely tightened to the Reed switch (center) and one of the two grounding screws.

Figure 3: Verify tipping bucket leads are tightened securely.


  1. Force the bucket to tip a set number of times by either manually moving the tipping arm, or pouring water through the top (the latter is recommended).
    1. Record the # of tips forced or heard.

Figure 4: Manually tip the arm and record the # of tips conducted.


Figure 5: Pour water through the bucket and record the # of tips heard.


  1. Compare the # of tips observed to the # of tips logged by the G2-Rain and uploaded at the next transmission interval. If less or none of the test tips were logged, check that the Reed switch is functioning properly.

Figure 6: Verify that the number of tips increases by the expected amount for the G2-Rain on WQData LIVE.