Water Temperature

November 19th, 2018

Temperature expresses how hot or cold the water is Or more technically the kinetic energy of the atoms and molecules

Heat energy from sunlight, air, and thermal pollution influence water temperature

Water temperature influences other parameters, cold water holds more oxygen and hot water is less dense than cold water

Water temperature can be measured with a thermistor based temperature probe

The thermistor is embedded in a thin-walled tube and encapsulated with a thermally conductive epoxy

A thermistor is a temperature sensitive resistor constructed of semiconductor materials with two leads

Units of measure

Fahrenheit (ºF)

Celsius (ºC)

Kelvin (K)


If water was most dense at its freezing point (0 °C) then it would sink to the bottom, freezing from the bottom up, killing all organisms.

Rather the bottom of a body of water remain at least 4°C, and thus unfrozen supporting life under the ice.

Freshwater is most dense at 4 °C

Learn more about water temperature at The Fundamentals of Environmental Measurements: Water Temperature

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