Turner Designs Cyclops-7F Submersible Sensors

The Turner Designs Cyclops-7F submersible sensor is a high performance and compact fluorometer designed for integration into any platform that supplies power and data logging.


  • Interfaces easily with most data collection platforms using 0-5 VDC output
  • Very low power consumption allows for extended remote deployments
  • Interfaces with DataBank Handheld Data Logger and Cyclops-7 Logger


The Turner Designs Cyclops-7F submersible fluorometer sensors are designed for integration into remote data collection and telemetry platforms. The sensors offer a unique combination of performance and size, making them very attractive for freshwater, coastal, and oceanographic environments. Cyclops-7F sensors are configured and factory scaled for the specific analysis of turbidity, chlorophyll, phycocyanin, phycoerythrin, rhodamine dye, fluorescein dye, CDOM, crude oil, optical brighteners, PTSA dye, or tryptophan.

The Cyclops-7F sensor features a locking sleeve Impulse connector with cable options available from 2 feet to 50 meters. The rugged stainless steel construction is designed to withstand most environmental conditions. Common applications include turbidity dredge monitoring, algal bloom notification, and dye tracer studies.


ImagePart#Product DescriptionQuote
2110-000-T2110-000-TCyclops-7F turbidity sensor, stainless steel housing
2110-000-F2110-000-FCyclops-7F fluorescein sensor, stainless steel housing
2110-000-R2110-000-RCyclops-7F rhodamine WT sensor, stainless steel housing
2110-000-P2110-000-PCyclops-7F blue-green algae (phycocyanin) sensor, stainless steel housing
2110-000-U2110-000-UCyclops-7F colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM) sensor, stainless steel housing
2110-000-C2110-000-CCyclops-7F chlorophyll sensor, stainless steel housing
2110-000-G2110-000-GCyclops-7F refined fuels sensor, stainless steel housing
2110-000-L2110-000-LCyclops-7F tryptophan sensor, stainless steel housing