LI-COR LI-193 Underwater Spherical PAR Sensor

The LI-COR LI-193 Underwater Spherical Quantum sensor accurately gives an added dimension to underwater PAR measurements.


  • Uses computer-tailored filter glass to achieve the desired quantum response
  • Calibration is traceable to NIST
  • Features corrosion-resistant, rugged construction for use in up to 350m depths


The LI-COR LI-193 Underwater PAR Sensor gives an added dimension to underwater PAR measurements as it measures photon flux from all directions. This measurement is referred to as Photosynthetic Photon Flux Fluence Rate (PPFFR) or Quantum Scalar Irradiance. This is important, for example, when studying phytoplankton, which utilize radiation from all directions for photosynthesis. The LI-193 features a high sensitivity optical design and compact, rugged construction for use in freshwater or saltwater and pressures up to 493 psi or 350 meter depths. The sensor includes built-in voltage outputs for interfacing with NexSens iSIC and SDL data loggers. Sensor cable can be factory-connectorized with NexSens underwater connectors for integration to an SDL submersible data logger sensor port. Data collection options include direct-connect, landline phone, cellular, radio, Ethernet, WI-FI, and satellite telemetry. NexSens iChart Software is a Windows-based program for interfacing both locally (direct-connect) and remotely (through telemetry) to a NexSens data logger or network of data loggers.


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