NexSens X2/V2 Direct Connect USB PC Cable

The UW-6 to USB cable is designed to allow direct connection from a PC to an X2 or V2-Series data logger for advanced setup or diagnostics.


  • USB powered cable allows communication to X2 and V2-Series loggers without external power
  • Standard UW-6 connector makes plugging into the unit easy
  • Allows direct connection for advanced diagnostic purposes


The UW6-USB-485P cable is designed to provide direct interfacing to an X2 or V2-Series logger in order to facilitate setup and diagnostics that cannot be completed remotely. The cable provides USB power (5V and 500mA) to the logger to eliminate the need for any additional power sources. NOTE: USB power is typically insufficient to power sensors. If sensor power is required, an additional power source is recommended.


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