NexSens Stainless Steel Chain

Stainless steel chain is used to construct mooring lines for buoy-based water quality applications requiring single or multi-point moorings.


  • Ideal for mooring NexSens data buoys
  • Type 316 stainless steel construction
  • Provides corrosion resistance in fresh and salt water applications


When setting up a mooring system to hold a buoy, a heavy bottom chain is a necessity. This chain must be laid out on the bottom to set and hold the anchor properly, create a catenary curve, and absorb shock. A good rule of thumb for heavy chain length is 1.5 times the maximum water depth. A smaller sized chain or mooring line should be used to connect the heavy bottom chain to the data buoy at the surface.


ImagePart#Product DescriptionQuote
SSHT187SSHT187Type 316 stainless steel chain, 3/16", priced per ft.
SSHT500SSHT500Type 316 stainless steel chain, 1/2", priced per ft.
SSHT250SSHT250Type 316 stainless steel chain, 1/4", priced per ft.
SSHT375SSHT375Type 316 stainless steel chain, 3/8", priced per ft.
SSHT625SSHT625Type 316 stainless steel chain, 5/8", priced per ft.
SSHT750SSHT750Type 316 stainless steel chain, 3/4", priced per ft.