NexSens EXO Sonde Mooring Clamp Sets

The NexSens EXO Sonde Mooring Clamp Sets provide a secure and convenient means of deploying a YSI EXO multi-parameter water quality sonde.


  • Mooring clamps sized specifically for EXO sondes
  • Hinged pin design allows for quick clamping and release
  • Includes mounting hardware for attachment to frame, wall, post, etc.


ImagePart#Product DescriptionQuote
MC-EXO1MC-EXO1EXO1 sonde mooring clamp set
MC-EXO2MC-EXO2EXO2/EXO3 sonde mooring clamp set
MC-EXO2sMC-EXO2sEXO2s/EXO3s sonde mooring clamp set