The 0200-iSIC (Intelligent Sensor Interface and Control) features an integrated spread spectrum radio modem for connecting a PC to a radio network of 4100-iSIC or SDL500R data loggers.

What’s Included

  • Data logger with spread spectrum modem
  • 12 VDC battery
  • A77 Programming cable
  • iSIC Kit
  • (2) Gland fittings
  • (5) Desiccant packs
  • RS-232 interface cable
  • (4) 56 Ω resistors

Field Installation

1. Mount the data logger to a wall, pole, or other secure location above flood stage using the A55 Mounting Plate.
2. Connect the A38 grounding kit wire to the copper lug on the bottom of the 0200-iSIC data logger and the other end to an appropriate earth ground.
3. Mount the A44 radio antenna in a location that will provide a line of sight to the radio data loggers in the network. Attach an RF cable from the antenna to the radio RF port on the
4. Power the iSIC by connecting the 12 volt battery. Observe the green blinking LED in the hole at the end of the analog terminal strip. This only blinks for 15-20 seconds during warm-up to confirm that the data logger is powered and ready.



Figure 1: Blinking Green LED Light


5. Connect sensors to the data logger. See the appropriate sensor interface manuals for wiring and other details. Bring any cables into the enclosure by removing a port plug and installing a gland fitting from the iSIC Kit.

Configuring with iChart

1. Install iChart software on a Windows computer.
2. Ensure power is supplied to the data logger.
3. Add the remote monitoring sites to an iChart project file.To accomplish this: Follow the Setup Device Wizard to add a site name, and then select “SDL500R” or “4100-iSIC” from the list of NexSens data loggers.

Note: If the 0200-iSIC will be used to communicate with an SDL500R or 4100-iSIC that is configured as an SDI-12 or Modbus controller, please refer to the appropriate online guide:

Modbus Communications

SDI-12 Communications

Setting an iSIC or SDL500 as a Modbus or SDI-12 Device

4. Add sensors in iChart by selecting the manufacturer and model number.
5. Continue the Setup Device Wizard and click Program iSIC to conclude configuration.


REV: 13L01

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