In order to update a SDL’s firmware using a UW-USB-485P communicaiton cable, the communication protocol must be changed to RS-485.

1. Establish temporary RS-485 communicaiton with the device by following the steps in the Direct connection with an SDL500 via RS-485 article.

2. From the menu bar select Edit | Preferences.

3. Switch to the GUI tab.

4. Check the “Enable advanced interface” box, then click OK.

Figure 1: Enable Advanced Interface


5. From the menu bar select Advanced | iSIC | iSIC.

6. Confirm that the correct PC Com Port and Address are selected and set the Connection to iSIC (Direct connect).

7. Click Connect.

Figure 2: iSIC Setup Connection Tab


8. Click the General tab.

9. Check the “Change protocol” box and from the drop down menu select RS-485.

  • Record the current protocol for future reference.

10. Click Apply. The iSIC data logger is now permanently configured for RS-485 communication.

Figure 3: Change Protocol


11. Update the device firmware by following the Updating an iSIC or SDL’s firmware process.

12. Repeat steps 5-10 to change the protocol back to the original configuration.


REV: 13G19

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