It is recommended that field deployments be carefully planned. It is best to completely configure the system on a lab bench and test it for a period of time prior to departing for the field. This will ensure a successful deployment and quality data collection. Additionally, it is much easier to troubleshoot problems in the lab rather than in the field.

With iChart running and a connection from the data logger to the PC established, select File | New Project. Name the project and follow the step-by-step procedure in the Setup Device Wizard.

Deploying the SDL

The versatility of the SDL500 offers many options for field deployments including:

  • Bottom deployed in lakes, streams and coastal waters
  • Mounted in buoys
  • Deployed in pipes from river banks
  • Deployed in sewers and culverts
    • Deployed under bridges

For additional information on deploying a buoy or installing an iSIC, refer to appropriate sections or contact NexSens Customer Support.

REV: 13G19

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