There are certain instances where only a specific time range of data is desirable. When this is the case, only this range can be uploaded. However, be aware that it is not possible to later interrogate older data once a new time stamp is uploaded.

  1. Open iChart with the current project
  2. Hold down the SHIFT key while clicking Interrogate from the main data overview screenTimeRange1
  3. Specify the date and time for the From and To range
  4. Click OKTimeRange2


  1. Jordan Bentley


    I am attempting to set an interrogation time range of 3/24/19 to 6/12/2019 (today) but iChart will still only interrogate an hour and a half of data per interrogation. Is there a way to make this work with shift-click or even SDI-12 commands or do I have to continue to click interrogate every 2 minutes?

    Jordan Bentley

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