In some applications only the most recent data is desired in a report. However, iChart software defaults to include all data when creating a new report. iChart settings can be changed so that only the most recent data is displayed.

1. Open iChart.

2. From the menu bar select Report | New Report or Report | Open Report to edit a previous report.

3. Open the “Report Tools” panel by selecting View | Report Tools from the menu bar.


Report Tool

Figure 1: Report Tool


4. Under Time Limit, select Custom Time (far right option).

5. Enter (2) time intervals during which data should be displayed.

  • If only the most recent data point is desired, set this to the sample/log interval.
  • Note: It does not matter what the time is, as long as the difference between the “From” and “To” time is equal to the desired interval.
  • For example, if a system interrogates every 15 minutes, and only the last data point is selected, a time frame of 2:00 to 2:15 would be automatically selected.

6. Select Report | Other Setup from the menu bar.


Report Other Setup

Figure 2: Report | Other Setup


7. Click on the tab labeled Misc.

8. Change the Time Limit Mode to “Interval”.


Report Other Setup window

Figure 3: Report Other Setup window

9. Click Close.

REV: 13G23

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