YSI sondes are compatible with NexSens iSIC data loggers and iChart software. iChart has a YSI Sonde Terminal designed specifically for sonde communication which can be used for device reconfiguration. For more information on YSI products, visit www.ysi.com.

1. Open iChart with or without a current project.

2. Connect the YSI sonde to the iSIC and connect the iSIC to a PC running iChart. Confirm iSIC-to-PC communication.

3. Select Advanced | Sensor Interface | YSI Sonde Terminal.

4. Choose the correct PC COM Port, Connection and Address.

5. Check “Use iSIC”, enter the address of the iSIC, and ensure the correct port is chosen for the YSI Sonde.

Figure 1: Connecting to the YSI sonde terminal


6. A ‘#’ sign will appear. Press ‘Enter’ twice and more ‘#’ signs will appear to verify communication. Type ‘menu’ and press ‘Enter’ to get the YSI sonde menu. Consult YSI documentation for further information about specific YSI sonde reconfiguration commands and techniques.

REV: 13G18

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