When using remote telemetry options such as cellular and phone line, any computer running the same project file can access the data loggers and sensors in that project file. However, the project file may need to be shared among other computers.

In this case, it is best if the project file is locked so that only the computer that created the project can interrogate devices, send system alerts, post data online, edit sensor configurations and data logger settings. Simply select File | Set Project ID.

iChart will ask users to set the project ID of this instance of iChart. iChart will then output the project ID of the computer. Write this ID down. The project ID will be required in the case that the project file would later need to become unprotected so that other computers can interrogate devices or edit sensor configurations.

The next time File | Set Project ID is selected, iChart will ask for the current project ID. The project ID can be cleared (unprotecting the project file) by entering the project ID and putting a check in Clear Project ID.



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