To have iChart continue to report an alarm while a parameter is outside of a desired range the following steps can be taken.

1. Open iChart with the current project.

2. Click Project | Setup iChart Alarm… from the menu bar.

Figure 1: Setup iChart Alarm Menu


3. Select the parameter the alarm will be based on from the Parameter list.

4.  Click Add.

Figure 2: iChart Alarm Dialog


5. Setup the alarm to go off as desired and click OK.

Figure 3: Define Alert / Alarm Dialog


6. Click Add again.

7. Setup this alarm identical to the first, but increment Count by the number of samples per interrogation period.

  • For example, if you sample every 15 minutes and interrogate every 60 minutes, the second count value should be the first value plus 4.

8. Click OK.

Figure 4: Define Second Alert / Alarm


9. Repeat steps 6-8 for the number of times the alarm should go off.


REV: 13G19

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