YSI 6-series sondes are automatically detected in the iChart Setup Device Wizard. Before adding a YSI sonde to a project file, the sonde must be configured with the desired list of parameters and units and have a unique SDI-12 address. Consult YSI documentation for more information on configuring a 6-series sonde. To add the sonde to an iChart project file:

1. Open the Project File in iChart.

2. Select Project| Setup Device Wizard from the menu bar.

3. Click Next until Step 3: Sensor is reached.

4. Select the data logger that the sonde is connected to.

5. Select YSI from the drop down list and then choose the correct sonde model. Click Add.

Figure 1: Selecting YSI from the drop down list


6. Under “Port”, select SDI-12. Enter the SDI-12 address of the sonde.

7. Click Detect to populate the sonde parameter list. Click OK to submit.

Figure 2: Detecting parameters


8. Click next until Step 6 is reached. Then, click Program iSIC.

9. Take a sample reading to verify that the sonde is reporting and that the data looks correct.

For more information on the iChart Setup Device Wizard, click here.


REV: 13G18

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