After a project has been setup, there are two ways to change the configuration and setup: the Setup Device Wizard or the Navigation Panel.

Setup Device Wizard

To add new project information, select Project | Setup Device Wizard from the iChart menu. This will open the Setup Device Wizard where new project information (e.g., new sites or sensors) can be added.

Note: Changes made in the Setup Device Wizard will not take effect without reprogramming the logger.


Figure 1: Setup Device Wizard


Complete instructions on working with the Setup Device Wizard are available at this link:

Navigation Panel

Changes can also be made to the existing data logger and sensor configuration in the Navigation Panel. Right-click on a data logger, sensor or parameter and select Property.


Figure 2: iChart Navigation Panel


This brings up the iSIC Data Logger Communication PropertiesSensor Properties or Parameter Properties menu, which allow users to:

• Change existing site names and descriptions.

• Change the iSIC address and COM port used by iChart to communicate with existing data loggers.

• Change existing sensor parameters, ranges, ports and other information.

• Change existing parameter names, units of measure and scaling.

Note: Many changes made in these menus will not take effect without reprogramming the logger through the Setup Device Wizard.

iSIC Comm Properties

Figure 3: Communication Properties Menu




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