NexSens iChart software stores projects in unique .icr files. Each file contains sites, iSIC data loggers, sensors, sensor parameters, and all other settings for each project. The backup function in iChart should be used to secure data and can also be used to transfer data between locations.

1. Open iChart with a current project.

2. From the menu bar select File | Backup.

3. iChart can sort the project data into the current month or current year. If desired, select a data range and backup schedule. Choose the location for the project’s backup copy, then click Backup Now. This stores the data in the chosen location. If transferring the project to a new location, then continue with this guide.

Figure 1: Backup iChart Project


4. At the new location, open iChart. From the menu bar, select File | Restore.

5. Select the location of the recently created .icr file. Click Restore Now, then click OK. The transfer of the iChart project is now complete.

REV: 13G18

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