iChart has a built in interface to communicate with the Airmar WS series weather stations. This allows for setup and diagnostics.

This interface was added in version V6.17.012. Update to the latest version of iChart if the current version is older than this.

Updating iChart

  1. Open iChart
  2. Click Advanced | Sensor Interface | Airmar WS Terminal9-1-2015 8-51-41 AM
  3. Select the proper data logger connection parameters (PC COM Port, Connection)
  4. Select the proper sensor port connection parameters (Address, Port)
    1. The Address is the iSIC address
    2. The Port is the serial port to which the sensor is connected
  5. Click Connect9-1-2015 8-52-22 AM
  6. If the sensor is connected to switch power (SDL: P1; CB-iSIC: P1 or P2; iSIC: SW.A (Pin 2)) use the PWR button to toggle the power
    1. Otherwise data should be streaming already9-1-2015 8-52-49 AM

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