In order to troubleshoot an Argonaut sensor it may be necessary to obtain information from the sensor’s internal memory and perform a diagnostic check.

1. Install Sontek ViewArgonaut software on a laptop.

2. Connect the UW-R to PC Interface cable to the UW cable coming from the Argonaut.

3. Connect the other end of the UW-R cable to a PC and attach the battery.

4. Open ViewArgonaut.



Figure 1: Sontek ViewArgonaut


5. Select Recorder.

6. Select the correct COM port and click Connect.


sontek recorder

Figure 2: Sontek Recorder

7. Locate and download the .arg data file.

8. Close this window.

9. Open Diagnostics and record a beam check.

10. Select Connect and choose the correct COM port.

11. Collect about 30 pings.


Record a beam check

Figure 3: Record a beam check. Collect about 30 pings.

12. Save the file (.ckg) to a PC. Contact Sontek Customer Support for its analysis.

REV: 13H31



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