Cellular data accounts must be provisioned properly to work with NexSens data loggers. To ensure the account will be set up correctly, notify the cellular provider of all general account requirements during the initial account setup.

NexSens cellular data logging systems use a Sierra Wireless AirLink LS300 modem.


Figure 1: Sierra Wireless AirLink LS300


Cellular Coverage

The cellular provider must offer good coverage in the area of deployment. Use coverage maps, usually available on the cellular provider’s website, to confirm coverage is adequate.

Account Requirements

  1. Contact NexSens to obtain cellular modem IMEI or ESN numbers.
  2. Contact the cellular provider and request a new account. Ask for (3) general account requirements:
  • Unrestricted Access
  • Static Public IP Address
  • Mobile-Terminated

The provider must also recommend or create an Access Point Name (APN) appropriate for the telemetry account. For example, AT&T accounts should use the i2gold APN.

A SIM card must be installed in the cellular modem for GSM accounts. SIM cards can be sent to the user, a local cellular retailer, or directly to NexSens (preferred method). Typically NexSens handles SIM card installations.

3. Contact NexSens to confirm the account is activated and send SIM card for final installation.

NOTE: All cellular iSIC data loggers should be activated, configured, and tested by NexSens to ensure quick startup in the field. After following the appropriate steps outlined above, keep in contact with NexSens about account updates, issues, and concerns in order to guarantee prompt shipment.

For modems not provisioned by NexSens, the correct modem template must be written, and a SIM card must be user installed for GPRS modems. Follow the instructions at the links below:

Writing a Template to a Modem

Installing a SIM Card in an LS300 Modem

For more information, see the 3100-iSIC and 3200-iSIC sections.


REV: 14A28


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