Some NexSens 3100-iSIC and SDL500 data loggers use the Sierra Wireless LS300 modem. The GPRS version of this modem requires user installation of a SIM card.

1. Remove all sources of power before opening the data logger.

2. If working with an SDL500, remove the outer SDL500 housing following the Remove SDL500 Housing article. If working with an iSIC, unscrew the mounting plate’s (4) screws to allow access to the modem.

3. Using a small Phillips screwdriver, carefully remove the cover plate over the SIM card slot. Note that the cover is designed such that it can easily break away from the modem.


Figure 1: Remove SIM Card Cover Plate


4. Remove the existing SIM card if present. Place the new SIM card into the slot. Be sure that it is oriented correctly with the outline shown on the modem circuit board.


Figure 2: Install SIM Card


5. Replace the SIM card cover plate and secure the screw.

6. If working with an SDL500, re-assemble the SDL500 housing following the second half of the Remove SDL500 Housing article. If working with an iSIC, install the (4) screws to reattach the mounting plate.


REV: 15E14

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