Update Alarm Contact List

  1. Navigate to Admin|Alarms on the WQData LIVE project page.

Access WQData LIVE Project Alarm Menu



  1. Expand the Alarms/Alerts section by clicking on the gray bar (if it is not already showing).

Expand the Alarms/Alerts section.


Note: When alarms are created, notification contacts can be entered in individually or as an editable group. Depending on which option is used for the alarm, proceed with one of the following:


Modify Alarm Group

  1. Click the Manage Groups button in the Alarms/Alerts section to bring up the summary list.

Alarm Group List.



  1. Click the Edit pencil icon under the Action column for the appropriate Alarm Group.

Active alarm recipient list.



  1. Add or remove user email addresses, one per line, to the group as desired. Click SAVE when finished.

After the group changes are made, click ‘Save’ to apply them.


Acknowledgement prompt for group changes.


  1. Changes to the contact list will automatically apply to all alarms for which the contact group is enabled.


Modify Individual Alarm Lists

  1. Click on the alarm in the list to bring up its summary menu.

Locate the alarm(s) for which the contact list should be updated and select it.


Alarm Summary.



  1. Click the Edit pencil icon next to the Trigger Action field.

Select the pencil icon to edit the Trigger Action field for the alarm.



  1. Add or remove contact emails from the Recipients field, listing one per line and click Save when finished.

Active alarm email notification list.


After adding/removing users from the alarm, click the ‘Save’ button.


Acknowledgement prompt that the change(s) were applied.


  1. Click Close or select the ‘x’ in the upper right to escape from the Alarm Summary menu.


  1. Repeat the process until all alarm contact lists are adjusted as desired.