Move Data Loggers Between Sites

Owners of devices on WQData LIVE may move data loggers between sites as necessary. All device information and collected data will move to the new site. Before moving a logger, it is required that the logger is removed or “unassigned” from its current site.


Removing / “Unassigning” a Device

  1. To remove / “unassign” a device from a current site, navigate to the ADMIN | Settings tab at the top of the Project Dashboard.

Figure 1: ADMIN | Settings tab.


  1. Click on the gray bar that says Project/SiteĀ to open a drop-down menu. Choose Sites to view all Sites within the project.

Figure 2: Access the Site settings through the Project/Site tab.


  1. Choose a Site to view the site settings, and locate the logger within the Assigned Devices list.

Figure 3: Assigned devices list in Site settings.


  1. Click on the desired device and click the right-facing arrow to move the device into the Unassigned Devices list.
    1. Unassigned DevicesĀ will now be available for movement into a new Site.

Figure 4: Desired logger moved into Unassigned Devices list.


  1. Create a new Site within the existing Project or in a new Project following the guide below:
    1. Create a Project/Site on WQData LIVE


  1. Since the user account still has ownership of the logger, the new Site will display the logger in the Unassigned Devices list.
    1. Choose the device from the Unassigned Devices list and click on the left-facing arrow to move the device into the Assigned Devices list.

Figure 5: Move a logger into the Assigned Devices list on a new Site.


  1. Click SAVE when finished.