Data Export Predefined Tag List

The following list contains descriptions for the Predefined Tag names under the data export tool using the GLOSXML or NDBCXML format.

Name Description
atmp1 Air temperature (deg. C)
baro1 Air pressure adjusted to sea level, primary sensor (hPa)
baro2 Air pressure adjusted to sea level, secondary sensor
dewpt1 Dew point temperature (deg. C)
do YSI DO (mg/L)
dom YSI DOM (ug/L)
dompd Dominant period of waves (sec)
dosat YSI DO%
gust1 Wind gust, sensor 1
gust2 Wind gust, sensor 2 if equipped
mwdir Mean Wave Direction (deg)
orp YSI ORP (mv)
ph YSI pH
rh1 TODO
rrh TODO
sp001 Salinity from uppermost CT (PSU)
sp002 Salinity at <dp002>
sp003 Salinity at <dp003>
sp004 Salinity at <dp004>
sp005 Salinity at <dp005>
sp006 Salinity at <dp006>
sp007 Salinity at <dp007>
sp008 Salinity at <dp008>
sp009 Salinity at <dp009>
spcond YSI SpCond (uS/cm)
srad1 Short wave radiation (W/m**2)
tp001 Temperature from uppermost CT (Celsius)
tp002 Temperature at <dp002>
tp003 Temperature at <dp003>
tp004 Temperature at <dp004>
tp005 Temperature at <dp005>
tp006 Temperature at <dp006>
tp007 Temperature at <dp007>
tp008 Temperature at <dp008>
tp009 Temperature at <dp009>
uv001 Eastward water velocity (cm/s)
uv002 Eastward water velocity at <dv002>
uv003 Eastward water velocity at <dv003>
uv004 Eastward water velocity at <dv004>
uv005 Eastward water velocity at <dv005>
uv006 Eastward water velocity at <dv006>
uv007 Eastward water velocity at <dv007>
uv008 Eastward water velocity at <dv008>
uv009 Eastward water velocity at <dv009>
vv001 Northward water velocity (cm/s)
vv002 Northward water velocity at <dv002>
vv003 Northward water velocity at <dv003>
vv004 Northward water velocity at <dv004>
vv005 Northward water velocity at <dv005>
vv006 Northward water velocity at <dv006>
vv007 Northward water velocity at <dv007>
vv008 Northward water velocity at <dv008>
vv009 Northward water velocity at <dv009>
wdir1 Direction from which the wind is coming, sensor 1
wdir2 Wind direction, sensor 2 if equipped
wspd1 Wind speed, sensor 1 (m/s)
wspd2 Wind speed, sensor 2 if equipped
wtmp1 Water temperature (deg. C)
wvhgt Significant wave height (meters)
ysibgarfu YSI BGA (phycocyanin RFU)
ysichlrfu YSI Chlorophyll (RFU)
ysiturbntu YSI Turbidity (NTU)
zchl1 Chlorophyll concentration (ug/l) tide1,Water level (meters above MLLW)”
zeh1 TODO
zox10 Dissolved oxygen, % of saturation (near bottom)
zox3 Dissolved oxygen, % of saturation (near surface)
zox4 Dissolved oxygen concentration (mg/l) (near surface)
zox9 Dissolved oxygen concentration (mg/l) (near bottom
zph1 TODO
ztrb1 Turbidity (Formazine Turbidity Units, FTU)