Data Export: CSV Format

The CSV format is one of four options within the Data Export Tool. This option is a delimited text file that uses commas to separate values and can be opened and manipulated using spreadsheet applications such as Excel.


To create a Data Export with CSV format:

  1. Navigate to the Data Export Tool and choose the CSV format.
  2. Use the Select Parameter option (left image) to view the available parameters (right image) for the desired Site.
    1. Use the search bar for quicker selection.

Figure 1: Data export parameter selection drop-down menu.

Figure 2: Data export parameter list.


  1. Click Add Parameter to include the chosen parameter in the data export.

Figure 3: Addition of Processor Power to the CSV data export.


  1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the export list contains all desired parameters.
  2. Follow the link below to set a date range for the data export.