Choosing Which Parameters Are Transmitted (X2 Only)

Following a sensor detection, all diagnostic and sensor parameters are enabled for logging to the on-board micro SD card and transmission to WQData LIVE via the X2’s on-board telemetry. However, disabling transmission of individual parameters is possible.

Disabling transmission of un-needed parameters is sometimes desirable to minimize the amount of unnecessary data sent. This is particularly useful for Iridium satellite systems with high data transmission costs. Parameters disabled for transmission are still logged to the internal SD card of the X2 and can be retrieved manually using CONNECT software.


Note: Please contact NexSens before adjusting any transmission settings for radio systems as they function uniquely. 


To enable and disable transmitted parameters:

  1. Navigate to the Advanced Device Remote Configuration Tool within the administrator settings.
    1. Select the Site and desired data logger to make adjustments.
  1. Scroll down to the Transmit Flag section of the Advanced Device Remote Configuration menu. Click the triangle next to X2 Meta Parameters (logger diagnostics) or the sensor names underneath to open a drop-down menu of the available parameters.
    1. Enable or disable parameters by clicking the dropdown menu under New Value. Choose Yes to enable transmission of the parameter and No to disable the parameter. Disabling the parameter will stop the logger from sending the measurements for that parameter to WQData LIVE.
    2. For parameters set to Yes, the logger will continue to upload the parameter data to WQData LIVE.
      • Important: Disabled parameters will still continue to log internally on the data logger. Re-enabling a parameter for transmission at a later date will cause it to upload its entire record (except on Iridium systems). This may result in significant amounts of data transmission.

Figure 1: X2 parameter transmit flags.


  1. It is recommended to turn off transmission of all Meta Parameters except Primary Power, Humidity, Cell Signal Strength, and Cell Status to minimize data usage.
  1. After making changes, click SAVE at the bottom of the Advanced Device Remote Configuration display.
    1. The command updates after the next scheduled data logger transmission, or immediately by cycling system power.