Choosing Which Parameters Transmitted (X2 Only)

Following a sensor detection, all diagnostic and sensor parameters are enabled for logging to the on-board micro SD card and transmission to WQData LIVE by the X2’s on-board telemetry. It is often desirable to disable transmission of un-needed parameters to cut down on data costs. Parameters disabled for transmission are still logged to the internal SD card of the X2 and can be retrieved manually using the CONNECT software.

Note: Please contact NexSens before adjusting any transmission settings for radio systems as they function uniquely. 

  1. To enable/disable parameters for transmission, navigate to the ADMIN | Settings tab found at the top of the project dashboard.

ADMIN | Settings tab on the project dashboard


Enhanced view of the ADMIN | Settings tab


  1. Click on the Device Remote Configuration tab. Under this tab is a list of the sites within the project. Click on the site and the logger that needs changes to its parameter settings.


Configure parameter settings under the device remote configuration tab



Parameter Settings

  1. Navigate to the Parameter Settings segment of the device configuration menu. Click the triangle next to Meta Parameters (logger diagnostics) or the sensor names underneath to open a drop-down menu of the available parameters.

    Parameter Settings


    1. Enable or disable parameters by clicking the checkbox next to “Enable”. Disabling will stop the system from logging that parameter.
    2. If a parameter is enabled, checking “Transmit logged data to datacenter” will allow the parameter data to be uploaded to WQData LIVE.
      1. Note that re-enabling a parameter for transmission will cause it to upload its entire record (except on iridium systems) and can use significant amounts of data.

In this example the pressure parameter data of the PT-500 sensor will record to the data logger’s SD card but will not be uploaded to WQData Live.


  1. It is recommended to turn off transmission of all Meta Parameters except Primary Power, Humidity, Cell Signal Strength, and Cell Status to save on data usage.

Only enable the transmission of Primary Power, Humidity, Cell Signal Strength, and Cell Status to reduce telemetry costs.


  1. Once the desired changes are made, click SAVE at the bottom of the Device Remote Configuration display and ensure that the command has been entered into the Command Queue.
    1. The command will be updated after the next scheduled transmission on the data logger, or can be quickly updated by removing and reapplying power on the system.

Multiple parameters have been disabled from transmission.