Adjusting the Dashboard Map

The Dashboard Map feature is an aesthetic and informative addition to the dashboard display. The map gives the user a visual of the area surrounding the data logger, allows a logger’s location to be tracked if a GPS-equipped sensor is connected, and contains visual updates to indicate when an alarm has been triggered for a system.

Dashboard Map example.


Map Features

Click anywhere on the map to interact with the map’s features:


Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and zoom out on the map.

  • Pushing the scroll wheel forward will zoom in.
  • Pulling the scroll wheel backward will zoom out.


Click and hold the left mouse button to grab the map. Move the mouse in the desired direction to change the map visual.

  • In the example below, the map has been dragged to move the image northeast of the data logger’s position.
  • The map may also be moved by using the keyboard arrows.

Drag feature example.


Map Settings

To adjust map settings, perform the following process:

  1. Access the Project and Site Settings by clicking the ADMIN | Settings tab located at the top of the project dashboard.

ADMIN | Settings menu.


  1. To configure project and site settings, click on the Project/Site tab. A drop-down menu will appear with options to display the project and its sites. Click Sites and then choose the site(s) that need changes to their map settings.

Project/Site settings.


  1. In the Project and Site Settings menu, the map can be adjusted by entering the data logger’s coordinates at the project site or tracking the data logger if it has a built-in GPS unit.
    1. Reference the example below to input the latitude (left) and longitude (right) of the data logger’s location into the spaces provided.

Input the geographical coordinates to adjust the map view.


    1. If any of the sensors connected to the data logger are capable of outputting latitude and longitude values, clicking Use device GPS will update the site marker location to the latest uploaded coordinate reading.

Click Use device GPS to utilize GPS component of a sensor.


  1. Once the desired changes are made, click SAVE at the bottom of the Project/Site tab.