Add Users to a Project

Multiple users can be given access to a WQData LIVE project. User accounts are assigned one of two tiers of access:

Admin: Access to all project settings, the ability to add other users, and the ability to view data
Collaborator: Data access only

Any email address used must be registered with a WQData LIVE account first before it can be added. Users can register for a free account here.

    1. Click on the Admin | Settings link at the top of the page.

      Accessing administrator settings


    2. Expand the Users section by clicking on the gray bar if it is not already showing

      Expanded users section


    3. At this point users can be added and removed
      • Remove a User
        • Click the Remove text located after the user
      • Add a User
        • Enter the new users email address
        • Select their access level
        • Click ADD